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Form PF, ADV, CPO-PQR & CTA-PR Solution   

The adoption of Rule 204(b)-1 under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and the finalization of Form PF is a watershed event for private fund advisers. Rule 204(b)-1 will require SEC-registered investment advisers who manage private funds to report risk exposure statistics on a consistent basis starting June 15, 2012 on Form PF.

RCI's Form PF Solution Satisfy CFTC & SEC regulatory requirements with key benefits:

  • Validate, standardize and aggregate form PF data collection and reporting from multiple data sources.

  • Workflow based form PF, form ADV, form CPO-PQR and form CTA-PR creation.

  • Monitor & report funds by period, AUM.

  • Monitor filing deadlines for form PF, form ADV.

  • Automated form PF filing and approvals with exceptions.


Form PF requires careful gathering, extracting, scrubbing and validating data from various internal and external sources before being converted into SEC required format. Further complexity is added by:

  • Disclosure of ownership, transaction, position, borrowings, guarantees and portfolios.

  • Substantial new periodic disclosures.

  • Classification between hedge fund, liquidity fund and Private equity funds.

  • Extensive risk reporting requirements.

  • Detailed forms to be completed requiring extensive set of calculations.

  • Larger advisors need to complete larger set of data than smaller advisors.


Key Capabilities

  • Form PF reporting including a draft for review and final formats for review and submission via XML.

  • Audit trail for underlying data relating to a Form PF report.

  • Documentation of methodologies and Assumptions which are included in the filing.

  • Ability for clients to provide overrides for question responses and document additional methodologies.

  • Reporting process that minimizes your operational burden, while the investment manager maintains fund data ownership and filing responsibility.

RCI's Form PF Solution provides a Workflow based form creation and reporting based on funds' RAUM (Regulatory Assets Under Management). Our Form PF Solution addresses all challenges and Form PF requirements in an organized manner.

  • Create a comprehensive filing form for each applicable filing period, RUM, filing type for each fund.

  • Reduces the burden of fund managers and compliance or Risk officers by creating collaboration and automating internal workflow process, filing dates, approvals and ability to recreate context of each filing.

  • Validate, standardize and aggregate both data collection and reporting across sources and types of data.

  • Provides a seamless integration of P&L data, risk data and reference data to comply with SEC and CFTC mandate. The tool aggregates data on owners, portfolio, counterparties and investors.


Category Feature
Rule Designer Periodic filing for large Hedge Fund advisers
  Periodic filing for large Liquidity Fund advisers
  Periodic filing for large Private Equity Fund advisers
  Periodic filing for other Hedge Fund advisers
  Periodic filing for other Liquidity Fund advisers
  Periodic filing for other Private Equity Fund advisers
  Periodic filing for other types of Private Fund advisers
Forms Manager Ability to generate Form PF & ADV with amendments
  Fiscal year wise forms data storage
  Ability to complete individual forms sections assigned to different users through wizard
  Work flow enabled form generation
  Use dashboard to track progress of forms and tasks related to it
  Running form preview in PDF
  Mock filing
e-File Perform automated Form field calculations
  Send Forms to PFRD/IARD
  Import PFRD/IARD response
  Follow-up with PFRD/IARD
Evidence Manager Manage documents related to each form filing
  Manage documents related to future IARD follow-up
Data Warehouse Process data file from multiple internal sources
  Process data file from multiple external sources
  Process data stream from multiple internal sources
  Process data stream from multiple external sources
Other Dodd-Frank News
  Form PF News
Agency Compliance

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

For CFTC compliance, data for use by the following will be generated:
  • Form PF

  • Form ADV

  • Form CPO-PQR

  • Form CTA-PR

Data Warehouse provides enhanced reporting. Key out of box report includes:

Tasks Pending
Tasks Overdue
Forms Created
Mock Filing Summary
Forms Generated
Form PF IARD Summary
List of Rules

Process & Data Approach

Verify fund scope & pool data source

Manage and Validate Private Fund Details to be reported in forms for the reporting duration.

Predefined Rules Execution

All predefined rules to manage Form PF, Form ADV, CPO-PQR & CTA-PR.

All Form PF sections available out of box

Our solution supports creation and filing of Form PF for Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Liquidity Funds and other types of private funds for different RAUM $ range, reporting frequency and lead time to file.

Forms Manager

Centralized Dashboard to manage Form PF, Form ADV, CPO-PQR & CTA-PR for current as well as past years.

Create wizard based forms

Wizard as data entry interface for Form PF, ADV, CPO-PQR & CTA-PR with extensive support of calculated fields and pre-populated data points.

Validate with mock file

Mock file each form to validate quality of data reported in form against required validations.

File with FINRA

Transmit Form PF information XML record batch to IARD as per PF IARD specifications.

Form PF Solution Reports
  • Tasks Pending

  • Tasks Overdue

  • Forms Created

  • Mock Filing Summary

  • Forms Generated

  • Form PF IARD Summary

  • List of Rules


Summary of Audit Per Application


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