Ragini Communications Inc.

Our passion for developing software and our product life cycle management approach makes us unique. Established in 1996, Ragini is headquartered in New York City. In June 2002 Ragini established a software development center at Ahmedabad, India.

We have products that can be used all over the world. We provide enterprise-wide compliance and analytical applications in the areas of compliance, data integration and warehousing, risk management. Our regulatory reporting tools address complex legal requirements related to:

  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (IRS)

  • Legal Entity Identifier (OFR)

  • Form PF (SEC)

  • Suspicious Activity Reporting (FinCEN)

  • Know Your Customer (Patriot Act)

  • Anti Money Laundering (FINRA)

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Public Company Accounting Reform & Investor Protection Act)

Hedge Funds | Private Equity Funds | Real Estate Funds | Venture Capital Funds | Liquidity Funds | Securitized Asset Funds | Banks | Brokerages | Insurance | Credit Unions | Money Service Business | Futures Merchants | Thrifts | Mortgage Companies | Mortgage Brokers | Mortgage Lenders | Mortgage Originators | Casinos | Card Clubs | Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (IRS / US Treasury Reporting) | Legal Entity Identifier (Dodd-Frank, Office of Financial Research, LEIROC) | Form PF (Dodd-Frank, SEC, CFTC Reporting) | Suspicious Activity Reporting (Financial Crimes Enforcement Reporting) | Customer ID Program-KYC (USA Patriot Act Reporting) | Anti-Money Laundering (BSA / FINRA Reporting) | Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Public Company Act. Reform & Investor Protection Act) | Internet Proxy Material (SEC Rule 17 CFR Parts 240, 249 and 274) | Customer Complaints (Enhanced Due Diligence) | Compliance Memo & Notices (Enhanced Due Diligence) | NATSARIN (Department of Homeland Security)

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