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Our focus on technology positions us as the industry standard for regulatory compliance solutions. The new technologies adapted into our architecture provide for added strength, scalability and flexibility never before seen. This gives our clients the ability to make business critical compliance decisions, adapt to constantly changing regulatory environment.

High performance calculation and aggregation engines, with the use of visual business rules, provide for fast speed in high transaction volume environments. Our solutions have provided clients with the power and flexibility needed to deploy and live with lightning speeds. This exciting new technology also gives us the flexibility to run on virtually any hardware and software platforms i.e. Windows and iOS among others.

iOS / Mobile Web Interfaces

AML Mobile provides alerts information and Customer Complaints provides latest complains information via your mobile device.

US News for iPhone and iPad web app is an excellent tool to scan all news for a specific US region for different categories.

Dazzling USA iOS app available is through App Store.

Data Warehouse

With help of this feature, user is able to process vast amount of data from multiple sources and create data required as input to various forms. Data extraction and load, data mart, reports and various types of analytical dashboard is available with this feature.

Cloud Computing

As a Microsoft Partner, we use Windows Azure primarily for app deployment and storage. Visual Studio Online (VSO) service allows our partners to work for anywhere which adds great flexibility and improves collaboration.

Google Maps Integration

Mapping capabilities which include custom markers and highly customized Info Windows to show marker information. Create map layers using KML files and ability to highlight specific map area based on application data.

Google Charts Integration

Provides rich user experience powered by Google Charts API chart templates (Column Chart, Histogram, Bar Chart, Combo chart, Pie chart, Organization Map, Gauge etc.) for Data Visualization needs.

Latest Microsoft Technologies

As a Microsoft partner, new technologies incorporated into our compliance solutions include MVC, WCF, WPF, LINQ, a multithreaded, class based 3-tier architecture with a thin client and scalable application/data base servers.

Third Party API Integration

Across our applications, we have integrated some of the best third party APIs (i.e. AlchemyAPI, SmartyStreets etc.) to accomplish important tasks. This enables us to program quickly, test effectively and release updates to our customer faster.


We have deployed application, server and desktop virtualization solutions using VMware® and Microsoft Hyper-V. Effective use of these virtualization technologies help us to focus on core compliance solutions instead of spending time and resources in managing servers and desktops on regular basis.

Adobe Tools & Technologies

Latest Adobe Tools such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Professional, Flash Builder etc. are widely used by programmers and designers across product lines. We also use Adobe FDF Toolkit to generate PDF forms, required for reporting purposes, across all compliance products.

Three-tier Architecture

We make extensive use of Three-tier architecture - which is a client–server architecture in which the user interface (presentation), functional process logic ("business rules"), computer data storage and data access are developed and maintained as independent modules - in product design.

Third Party Components

Our solutions provide rich and consistent user interface to increase user productivity and this is made possible with integration of leading third party components in our solutions. These components reduce development and testing time to increase developer productivity as well.

Connectivity with Federal Agencies

Our solutions support e-filing of key artifacts and reports with Federal agencies in strict compliance with predefined standards and also fulfilling all security prerequisites. We support e-filing with FinCEN, State Fusion Centers under NSI, NFA, PFRDA and CBP.

Watch List Verification

Watch Lists Screening component enables organizations to screen customer information against specially designated lists (OFAC, FBI, CIA, other US and worldwide lists).

Our solutions let you screen customer information against 40+ global Watch Lists.

Risk Reporter

This ad-hoc reporting tool is simple way for everyone to generate reports on the fly. It offers an easy-to-use interface which is wizard-like and all reports can be exported to PDF.

This solution allows you to create reports without needing to have specialized knowledge of the underlying database structure.

Common Security Module

To manage user authentication and authorization across all applications, we have developed a common module which integrates with each of our compliance solutions. As an administrator, you are relieved from using different interfaces and URLs to manage users for different applications.

Pre-Defined Alerts

This component allows you to create and manage business rules for transaction data processing and identify potential alerts.

With Visual Rules Manager component, rules originally designed for interactive scenarios can now also be executed in non-interactive batch scenarios (ETL). This component is used in scenarios like, in SAR to identify transactions which may lead to filing of CTR (Cash Only Transactions above $10,000), High Risk Jurisdiction Countries, Unknown Source of Funds, Structuring, No Business Purpose Identified (for Entities) etc.


Summary of Audit Per Application


Hedge Funds | Private Equity Funds | Real Estate Funds | Venture Capital Funds | Liquidity Funds | Securitized Asset Funds | Banks | Brokerages | Insurance | Credit Unions | Money Service Business | Futures Merchants | Thrifts | Mortgage Companies | Mortgage Brokers | Mortgage Lenders | Mortgage Originators | Casinos | Card Clubs | Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (IRS / US Treasury Reporting) | Legal Entity Identifier (Dodd-Frank, Office of Financial Research, LEIROC) | Form PF (Dodd-Frank, SEC, CFTC Reporting) | Suspicious Activity Reporting (Financial Crimes Enforcement Reporting) | Customer ID Program-KYC (USA Patriot Act Reporting) | Anti-Money Laundering (BSA / FINRA Reporting) | Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Public Company Act. Reform & Investor Protection Act) | Internet Proxy Material (SEC Rule 17 CFR Parts 240, 249 and 274) | Customer Complaints (Enhanced Due Diligence) | Compliance Memo & Notices (Enhanced Due Diligence) | NATSARIN (Department of Homeland Security)

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