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Internet Proxy Material (IPM) Solution

Internet Proxy Material provides firms the ability to let their brokers, sales managers, employees, operations staff and other partners to be always aware of the latest internal compliance related communications, legal and Proxy Notices.

RCI's Proxy Solution benefits:

  • Electronic Proxy Notice, Voting, Validation.


The Notice and access model requires soliciting parties to furnish Proxy materials by posting them on a specified, publicly-accessible Internet Web site and providing shareholders with a Notice to vote for the proposals.

  • Contents of the Memo & Proxy Notice or incorporation of Notice information

  • Availability of Proxy Materials

  • Proxy voting and Notice confirmation


Key Capabilities

  • Proxy Voting and Notice confirmation

  • Summary of Notice Status (Notice confirmations and Voting Status)

  • Create Legal Notices, memorandum, Proxy Notices

  • Use PDF, Microsoft Office tools

  • Use Email & Website to track the Notices

Internet Proxy Material Solution helps you to create Memo and Proxy Notices. These Notices then can be sent via email to the selected group. This group can be your shareholders,brokers, or employees. This solution further lets the compliance officer monitor the status of the notice i.e. if the notice has been read, respond to follow-up questions & clarifications for Memo and whether the status of Proxy Voting.

  • A central place to create Memo and Proxy Notices required for compliance

  • Schedule Notices to be sent to the recipients

  • Website to view/post Notices

  • Ability to track Notice and proxy voting

  • A single location to create, send and track notices sent


Category Feature
Manage Notices Create / Edit Memo and Proxy Notices
  Notice Scheduler
  Notice Transmission Status and resend
  Reply to comments on Memo Notices
  Track Voting summary for Proxy Notices
Voting / Review Notice Site Access to site using Control #
  Memo Notice - Add Comments and Confirmation
  Proxy Notice - Review Proxy Material and Vote
Data Warehouse Process data file from multiple internal sources
  Process data file from multiple external sources
  Process data stream from multiple internal sources
  Process data stream from multiple external sources
Other Common Security Module
  Audit Manager to log all user actions
Agency Compliance

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Data Warehouse provides enhanced reporting. Key out of box report includes:

Summary of Notice Transmission (Memo and Proxy Notices)
Summary of Proxy Voting

Process & Data Approach

Prepare Notice & Voting Matter. Attach Documents

Manage new Proxy Notice, documents, scheduler & voting matter related details as well as previous notices.

Execute Notice Validation Rules & send e-mails

List of predefined Notice Scheduling Rules.

Track Voting & send reminders to Non-Voters

Track Transmission status of each Notice with Notice status (email successfully sent or failed), Votes received and count of Non-Voters.

Shareholder Voting Site - Cast your Vote

Secure Voting website where shareholders can vote using unique control # given to them. All notice related documents (i.e. Annual Report etc.) are available for review before voting.

Shareholder Voting Site - Review & Submit Vote

Review your votes and submit. You cannot change votes once they are confirmed.

Validate Proxy Voting Report

Our solution provides Voting summary of the Proxy Notice with Proposal, Proposal Options & their Votes.


Summary of Audit Per Application


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