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Know Your Customer (KYC)
Customer ID Program (CIP) Solution   

This USA Patriot Act, OFAC & BSA compliant software solution is used for screening new and existing customers. This software can be used by Banks, Brokerages, Insurance Companies, Credit Unions, Money Service Business, Data Processors, Casinos and Mortgage Brokers.

RCI's Customer ID Solution benefits:

  • Customer Identity verification, Address Verification as per patriot act requirements.

  • Rules & Alerts, resolution.

  • Case manager + evidence archiving.


USA Patriot Act requires a firm to determine:

  • If the person appears on any specially designated/debarred lists. Verify against known or suspected terrorists or terrorist organizations.

  • Verifying the identity of the customer seeking to open a new account.

  • Maintaining records of the information used to verify the personís identity, including name, address, and other Identity related information. Make periodic review of the information collected.


Key Capabilities

  • Quickly check individual customer names, batch files against global watch list and configure watch list settings

  • Perform precise searched in the Reports, Accept and Deny lists

  • View and print specific reports as needed

  • Build tailor made accept lists to reduce false positives

  • Create custom deny lists to monitor additional entities

  • Construct custom country deny lists

  • Utilize system-wide import and export functionality

RCI's CIP Software is a full-featured customer identity program and verification solution designed to enable financial institutions to meet the requirements set forth in Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act.

Why Choose RCI for CIP because of our deep Industry knowledge, experience in risk assessment that includes global money laundering reviews and state of art tools and technology. Ragini can help organizations address key issues throughout the life cycle of their AML Programs. Our Services include:

  • Check both individual and businesses. Reduce work load by performing less due diligence and relying on more true matches

  • Enhance USA PATRIOT Act Compliance

  • Obtain higher level of confidence that you truly "Know Your Customer"

  • Protect your institution's reputation

  • Customer enhanced due diligence

  • Integrated vendor solutions

  • Regulatory Remediation


Category Feature
Operations Verification Result Summary
  Customers - New Customer entry (manual), Accept / Deny List, Re-verification log, Customer Search & Overnight Processing Cycle
  IDV USA - Search Verification results and Customer Batch
Compliance Watch List Screening
  Case Manager - Assign Reviewer, Case Research, Finalize Research , Approve, File and Print Case
Technology Upload results back to Clearing Firm
Data Warehouse Process data file from multiple internal sources
  Process data file from multiple external sources
  Process data stream from multiple internal sources
  Process data stream from multiple external sources
Other Customer File Source (ADP, FISERV, Pershing, National Financial Services, US Clearing, Interactive Broker Group)
  Choose IDV Service Provider (Experian, EquiFax and TransUnion)
  Setup or customize Verification Codes and Result criteria
Watch Lists Screening - (Essential Capability)

Watch Lists Screening is the essential USA Patriot Act requirement. Organizations must screen the customers against specially designated lists (OFAC, FBI, CIA, other US and world wide lists). This Solution lets you screen a customer name against the following 40+ watch lists listed below.


  • The OFAC List - SDN

  • The OFAC List - ALT

  • The OFAC List - ADD

CIA & Other US List

  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief of State File

  • United States Marshals List

  • Department of Trade Controls Debarred Parties File

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • Crime Alert

  • Kidnappings and Missing Persons List

  • Unknown Robbers List

  • Cyber Crime List

  • Most Wanted Terrorists List

  • Most Wanted Fugitives List

  • Recently Televised Sexual Predators List

  • Crime Against Children List

  • Criminal Enterprise Investigation List

  • War On Terrorism List

  • Additional Violent Crimes List

  • Domestic Terrorism List

  • Parental Kidnapping List

  • Seeking Information List

  • Violent Crimes (Murder) List

  • White Collar Crimes List

North American Regulatory Screening

  • Denied Persons List (Formerly BXA)

  • Canada - Office of the Sup. of Financial Institutions (OSFI) List for Individuals

  • Canada - Office of the Sup. of Financial Institutions (OSFI) List for Entities

  • Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories

US & International Lists

Enhanced Due Diligence

  • World Bank Debarred List

  • OECD Tax Haven List

  • Interpol Wanted Fugitives List

United Kingdom/European Regulatory Screening

  • Bank of England List

  • Central Bank of Ireland Warning Notices Lists

  • European Union Terrorists List

  • Swiss SECO List

Others / International

  • International Swift Country Codes

  • OECD Tax Haven List

  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade List

  • International Standards Organization Table

  • Worldwide Government Officials List

United Nations

  • United Nations Consolidated Sanction List

Customer Specific List

  • OFSI Cumulative Warning Lists

  • FATF Non-Cooperative Countries (Money Laundering) List

  • United Nations Foreign Officials File

  • Bureau of Export Affairs Denied Persons & Entities

  • GSA Debarred Vendors

Identity Verification Services - (Enhanced Capability)

Perform Identity Verification for both Individuals and Entities. This feature lets you verify customer name, address, phone # etc. Verifications performed are listed below -


Individual Screening Capabilities

Identification method ensures that name, date of birth and Social Security numbers match. It returns a Pass, Fail or Undetermined results on the following checks

SSN has been issued

ID Verification Scorecard





Basic Compliance / Standard Verification Details
















SSN and Name Match
SSN issued after Date of Birth
Name and Date of Birth Match, Driver's License Name Match
High Risk Address Check
Phone Name Match
Phone Address Match

Business Screening Capabilities

In addition to the individual screening capabilities, IDV also gives you the ability to check businesses and company information. The business identity verification returns a Pass, Fail, or Undetermined results on the following checks   

EIN Business Name Match
High Risk Address Check
EIN Business Name Address Match
Business Name Phone Match
Phone Address Match
Business Address Validation

With IDV, you can

Reduce work load by performing less due diligence and relying on more true matches
Obtain higher level of confidence that you truly "Know Your Customer"
Make smarter decisions with more of the information you need- all at your finger tips
Check both individual and businesses
Reduce financial risk
Protect your institution's reputation
Enhance USA PATRIOT Act Compliance


Advanced comparative verifications
(i.e. date of birth and phone number data)
Flexible score calculations
Improved report readability
Easy to read ID Verification score
Enhanced error reporting
Results error (providing additional details to identity verification searches)
Enhance USA PATRIOT Act Compliance

Agency Compliance

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

Data Warehouse provides enhanced reporting. Key out of box report includes:

CIP Compliance Summary
Customer Details
Match Details
By Result Status
Records Modified
CIP Case
Rules Details
Clearing Firm - Transmission Report

Process & Data Approach

Express - Add New Customer Manually

CIP Express Customer Data Entry Page

Express - Perform OFAC, Watch List & US IDV Checks

Verify Customer information using OFAC, Watch List and US IDV checks.

Express - Log Of Verification

CIP Express - Log of Verification for each Customer Record.

Enterprise - Initiate Customer Verification Process

Customize CIP Solution settings (Client Details, Customer File Source, ID Verification Service Provider, Verification Settings and System Settings including verification codes setup)

Enterprise - Load Customer & Account Data

Customer & Account Data file import log.

Watch List records for Verification

Our eLink component extracts latest updates from global watch list sources as soon as they are published. The availability of latest data enhances quality of Watch List verification.

Enterprise - Watch List Verification

Verification of customer details against global Watch Lists' data

Enterprise - ID Verification

Verification of customer details using Experian ID Verification Level 1

Re-verify records after research & data updates

Our solution supports overnight batch record processing, which includes new as well as records marked for re-verification, so when you come to office next day, you have verification results available to you.

Validate Compliance Reports
  • CIP Compliance Summary

  • Customer Details

  • Match Details

  • By Result Status

  • Records Modified

  • CIP Case

  • Rules Details

  • Clearing Firm - Transmission Report


Summary of Audit Per Application


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